Purpose. People. Process.

Egtyaz is a startup in the education field in Saudi Arabia

They can learn all the students at primary and secondary schools. The Main Objective they need to increase awareness and sales Before we started the analysis

10+ Years Experience

We found

Our plan divided into 4 phases

Phase Fixing Problems

▪We redesigned the website to increase user experience and suit the behavior of Saudi people.

▪Create an audit to increase traffic with SEO through keyword research and analysis of the best strategies.

▪Identify the target audience and set goals with KPI indicators to validate it.

▪We have a new style of content that helps to increase sales.

Phase Launch our campaigns

  • We created Social Media Campaigns
  • We created Google ads Campaigns

SEO we increased the traffic

With keywords we believe that`s why choose the perfect keywords
Create article with the chosen keywords
We completed the speed phase and increase speed by 70%

Other channels to increase sales

We found an opportunity with our industry in telegram channel
that`s why we created channel and group in telegram and increased it to 108k members

Performance Campaigns

Google ads

In our campaign with Google ads, we spent 14k SAR and got subscription sales with 128k SAR Value  Our chosen keyword CTR 9 – 14% per keyword, which means our keywords were valid

Performance Campaigns

Social media

We used social media tactics with engaging posts to encourage our target to act towards our brand

Performance Campaigns

SEO we increased the traffic

We increase traffic by




Other channels to increase sales

We increase sales by using telegram channels

After our search we found a huge target audience in telegram, that’s why we created a telegram

group and channel in telegram  Our achievement with this channel

We increased the fanbase to 57807

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