Our Strategy divided into 4 phases

Phase 1 Fixing Problems.

Identify the target audience and set goals with KPI indicators to validate it.
We redesigned the Social Media to increase user experience with new positioning.
We have a new style of content that helps to increase sales.

Phase 2 Sys establish

  • We created Workflow
  • We integrated with logistic company.
  • We created the operation strategy.
  • We taught them

Phase 3 Launch our campaigns

  • We created Social Media Campaigns.
  • We created reels to viral
  • We make posting strategy.

Phase 4 Creating website

  • We created website with Ux, Ui that suit the segment
  • Integrated it with logistic company
  • We taught the team to work on it
  • We created affiliate sys

Result collections

We Spend through 2 years 

Some Screen Shots

This screenshot from meta dashboard that we used

Income through 2 years

Orders + 40k
AOV 800
Total Sales 32,000,000
We increased orders through Social Channels
We increased social fanbase to 250k
Insta to 50k
TikTok to 15k

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