Conversational Marketing

Marketing trends are various!

Today’s marketing trend that we are going to discuss is

Conversational Marketing

Want to increase engagement and sales? Conversational marketing is the best mean for you!

If you don’t know what is conversational marketing let us explain it for you, it’s how users interact with each through Chat bots and other means.

What is a chatbot?

Simply it’s an auto reply system where all the replies your customer will need are saved, once your customer asks a question he will receive an automatic reply with all the information he needs, artificial intelligence is saving a lot of time and money for you!

there is a specific campaign made for it where you can increase your sales if you are a brand that serves products, it’s one of the most effective means of marketing to reach a customer to sell your product!


Want to know why is it effective?

Most of customers no longer support brands! According to a survey by salesforce 42% of customers don’t trust brands because of the lack of response or weak customer service that is definitely enough to break the trust between a customer and a brand! That’s why you need immediate response and fast customer service with guarantees, this way of marketing helps you to build trust between you and your customer and you make sure he is going to repeat the purchase again because of the excellent and rapid response.

How to implement it?

There are a lot of tools to applicate conversational marketing.

Social Media platforms that have this option




Other tools!


        live chats

        WhatsApp messaging buttons 

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